Saturday, March 30, 2013

Try testing the Euro 1.29, Maintain Position

Euro Coba Uji 1.29, Pertahankan Posisi

Monexnews-after the fall in, it looks like the perpetrators of the action starts popping out to buy a daring catch falling prices during the European session. The Euro itself has penetrated only 1.29 area to persist near the area.

Valeria Bednarik says that the Euro will still be traded near the area, a new annual low 1.2904, with technical readout lurking gap opening. The bearish Momentum is likely to be continued pressure, while a stop action will be established under the support level static 1.2880 as strong: once the level is below, the Euro will probably reach the 1.2800 area/40 for the short term.

For the movement of the accession, there is still a large gap where the bargain hunter will try to fill it, with ample 1.2960/70 (triple bottom since 1 March) towards 1.3000 area to be as exceeded.


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Title Post: Try testing the Euro 1.29, Maintain Position
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