Thursday, March 28, 2013

CAR INSURANCE Correction! Chaotic Cyprus Gegerkan Asia

Koreksi! Kisruh Cyprus Gegerkan Asia
Monexnews-the majority of the trading floor Asia today (Monday, 18/3) appears to be rectified as a result of massive selling action in a number of risky assets after the eurozone's decision appears to force the depositors in the country of Cyprus to contribute to a bailout, so triggers the transmission of concern directly the problem to other countries in the region. CAR INSURANCE
The main Nikkei 225 Index falling from the highest level recorded recently in the 4½ years, and South Korea--the Kospi index today directly hit rock bottom in the last month. While the Hang Seng index also plunged to more than 1.7% to 22142.16 range area. CAR INSURANCE
Euro zone decision to apply levies deposits on all bank depositors in exchange for financial assistance, a policy that signify a radical from the packages help euro zone earlier.
And the top brass in Cyprus currently working on final settlement of proposals aimed at easing the impact on the small depositors so that the step away when the parliamentary vote to be done today.(dar) CAR INSURANCE

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