Sunday, March 31, 2013

CPO Closed 3 Weeks: Increase the load Request

CPO Tutup Kenaikan 3 Pekan: Beban Permintaan

Monexnews-Malaysiabergerak palm oil Contract closes its highest level in more than three weeks after the producers take advantage of the low taxes in order to stimulate sales.

Palm oil from Malaysia contract currently on offer is lower than Indonesia, it is thanks to the taxes are applied in a number of 4.5%, compared with the figures in Indonesia at 10.5%.

Malaysia exports climbed as much as 14% early in the 20 days of March, but investors are still worrying that rising prices might lead to tax increases and burdensome request.Malaysiabersiap to put on new taxes every month based on the average monthly price. Taxes in April have been put up at 4.5%.

Investors are still concerned about a rise in import taxes, the largest consumer of dariIndia dimanaIndiamerupakan of palm oil, which will disrupt demand, traders said.


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Title Post: CPO Closed 3 Weeks: Increase the load Request
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