Wednesday, March 27, 2013

CAR INSURANCE Parliament criticized about the launch of yet another engine probe

AA says it is ' strange ' that the industry has undergone yet another engine probe
The Committee on transport and tourism has come under pressure to explain why it's launching of an engine probe just like another government-led research ends. CAR INSURANCE
The probe is done just like the Department of Justice has concluded research on similar grounds.
In addition there is a further Ministerial Summit with the insurance companies that whiplash reforms, which take place on March 25, will discuss. CAR INSURANCE
The AA said it welcomed the enthusiasm to understand the market, but was concerned about the "endless talk about the issue". CAR INSURANCE
"All these are steps in the right direction. But there is endless talk about this issue and it is difficult to see how a further research will add to the knowledge already, "said AA insurance director Simon Douglas.
"It seems odd that it has a year to announce of this research at a time when a separate MoJ research (reducing the number and cost of whiplash claims) seems to have similar land treated and has just closed." CAR INSURANCE
The new research is looking to see if assumptions made about whiplash injury claims are correct and that the Government's proposals with regard to medical evidence are likely to reduce insurance premiums.
"In my opinion, although there is clearly a need to the increasing number of often false claims under control, there are steps that could help useful – for example, flat rates for compensation and a number of benefits withheld and paid directly for treatment such as physical therapy," said Douglas. "Also historical claims must reflect the cost of treatment that patients have, or should have, run."
Douglas said he was also in favour of a system used in Germany and Austria, where collisions below a certain speed (reviewed by expert analysis of vehicle damage) are considered to cause a whiplash injury too low. CAR INSURANCE
"And, although I the concept of an independent panel to assess whiplash cases welcome, it is hard to see how they can come to a different diagnosis from those of a GP as such damages are not confirmed by conventional medical tests," he added.
Douglas said the civil justice reforms introduced in April will help cut injury claims costs.
These include rebalancing no-win no-fee listings to losing defendants no longer have to pay to the lawyer of the plaintiff success; prohibition on referral fees, and claims management companies offer incentives to make progress through to stop them.

Car Insurance

Car Insurance

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