Thursday, March 21, 2013

IMF: Spain Should Slow The Pace Of Tightening

IMF: Spanyol Harus Memperlambat Langkah Pengetatan

Monexnews-Spain need budget tightening measures slow given the country's economic prospects suramnya, according to an official of the International Monetary Fund on Thursday.

IMF spokesman William Murray, said the move aims to improve the economy, the recession appears to be increasingly profound, Spain followed an unusually high rate of unemployment and a fragile financial condition.

"Back on track For growth, Spain requires a more significant step to gradual fiscal consolidation, along with the implementation of structural reforms which could create jobs and boost confidence," said Murray in a press conference discussing the weekly 2 a wide range of topics.

Separately, Murray said if the IMF team also is in Central Italy for two weeks to assess the country's financial sector. "We will monitor the risks and resilience of the financial sector of Italy, how to solve the problem of banking and the crisis management arrangements," added Murray. (vid)

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Title Post: IMF: Spain Should Slow The Pace Of Tightening
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