Monday, March 18, 2013

The Number Of Workers Increased Australia

Jumlah Pekerja Australia Meningkat

Monexnews-Australia reported unemployment tend to be still stable for the period February, figures on the level of 5.4%. The amount of labor that far exceeds the estimated expected to propel the economy.

Earlier economists predict unemployment rising 5.5%. While the number of workers rose 71,500 in February from the figure in January, compared with the estimated increase of 10,000 positions, according to a report of the Central Bureau of statistics, Australia today (2/03). The number of workers increases to 17,800 permanent long million while the number of part-time workers rose 53,700 into 3.5 million. The proportion of number of workers or people who are looking for work rose 40.6% in February from 40.4% in January. Market expectations of 40.4%.


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