Saturday, March 2, 2013

Boeing: we are ready to Create a new battery For the 787

Boeing: Kami Siap Buat Baterai Baru Untuk 787

Monexnews-Boeing Co. will present the batteries are already on a redesign for the 787 Dreamliner tomorrow in an attempt to satisfy regulators to safety problems and will get their jet flying back in a few weeks, said the speaker who knows the problem.

The plans include adding insulation around individual cells, lithium battery, the interviewees said, he is a person who is not authorized to discuss the matter and asked not to in identification. The new battery also has a mechanism for smoke ventilation and will become a powerful framework with a heat-resistant glass that can prevent fires, said a resource person.

A team that dpimpin by the President of the Boeing Commercial Airplanes Ray Corner is scheduled to meet with the Federal Aviation Administration in Washington, including its leader Michael Huerta in Washington, said such resource. Any improvement in the aviation industry must go through an approval from the FAA, the Agency estimated there will be bertidak quickly unless the test results indicate that improvement is done can guarantee safety.

Battery change also requires the support of the United States Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, who had said that the 787 will not fly again until the U.S. makes sure "1000 percent" that it was safe.

A spokesman from Boeing, Marc Birtel refused to say that whether a meeting with the FAA is already on schedule or commented on the plans of the company.


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Title Post: Boeing: we are ready to Create a new battery For the 787
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