Friday, March 1, 2013

U.S. Exchanges Over The Issue Of Merging Several Positive Company

Bursa AS Positif Atas Isu Penggabungan Beberapa Perusahaan

Monexnews-US stock exchanges surged, sending the index Standard Poor 500 & to the highest level in five years, as the market optimisnya of the deal a merger of companies and data showing that the level of investor confidence in Germany is rising.

Shares of Office Depot Inc. rose 10 percent and shares of OfficeMax Inc. rose 21 percent as people who know this problem say that such companies were discussing a merger deal and probably will announce the deal as early as this week. Shares of Bank of America Corp. and Citigroup Inc. climbed more than 1.2 percent over relinya shares in the financial sector. Meanwhile Google shares surged 1.6 percent, passing the $ 800 level for the first time.

"The number of deals out there has created a positive sentiment," said Kevin Divney, Chief Investment Beaconcrest Capital Management in London in an interview telelpon. " This is positive now as the CEO is currently looking further ahead, and that is the issue four years ago. If we can extend the gain it made strategic decisions for the better.


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Title Post: U.S. Exchanges Over The Issue Of Merging Several Positive Company
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