Wednesday, March 6, 2013

U.s. Stock Index Futures Indicate Wall Street Rebound

Indeks Saham AS Berjangka Indikasikan Rebound Wall Street


U.S. stock futures showed Friday strengthening, giving the action signal investors buy on dips after two days in a row suffered a sharp correction.

Issuers of shares Hewlett-Packard Co diekspektasikan will be the Prima Donna after the PC manufacturers reported quarterly revenue rates which are more solid than estimated.

The economic calendar is minimal, causing investors focus fixed on two officers of the speech The Fed after the minutes of The Fed some time ago showed differences over exit strategy view of The Fed's monetary stimulus policy related.

Observed so far this index DJIA futures strengthened 0.45% in level, while S&P 13,933 500 up 0.52% futs to level 1, and Nasdaq futures 508.75 terkerek up 0.45% traded on level 2, 726.00 so far.


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Title Post: U.s. Stock Index Futures Indicate Wall Street Rebound
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