Monday, March 11, 2013

U.S. Crude Oil Futures Fall Sharply

Minyak Mentah Berjangka AS Anjlok Tajam


U.S. crude oil futures fell sharply in Asian trade session Friday over concerns related to weak mencuatnya new demand from China U.S. &.

Observed so far U.S. crude oil futures prices for the month of April, contracts weakened-0.99% at level $ 142.14 per barrel, after reaching its highest point at $ 91.97 and lowest daily level at $ 91.06.

Depressed oil prices on Friday after a report on manufacturing activity fueled concerns that China's economy is losing momentum and influence the rate of demand for oil. Many analysts still see the attenuation is limited, because there are already signals return to Easter holiday day of Chinese oil purchases.

Other negative catalyst is the anxiety of the U.S. oil demand declines, which affected the electrical potential negatives of spending cuts of $ 85 billion, which effectively applies as of 1 March, after the Senate rejected several proposals put forward to avoid automatic Government spending.


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