Monday, March 4, 2013

U.S. Crude Oil Futures Continue Weakening

Minyak Mentah Berjangka AS Lanjutkan Pelemahan


U.S. crude oil futures plummeted-1.47% on Thursday continued weakening Wednesday yesterday over concerns of investors that the price of energy that led to the too high demand.

The Volume of trading also rose as they signifkan the weakening of oil prices to the lowest level in the last month under $ 79 per barrel.

The Eurozone Manufacturing PMI Data are weak also add to the negative sentiment of the market participants, due to an indication of a weakening European economy deeper in the month of February and the growth of the GDP report opportunites that are negative in the first quarter of 2013 so that the demand still weak diekspektasikan.

Other negative catalyst is the increase in the stock of u.s. oil reserves to supply outside forecasts reported by fire on Wednesday. Crude oil inventories were reported up beyond estimates BCA wrote 3juta barrel 2 million barrels. Furthermore the market participants will await the EIA oil reserve stock reports will be released later tonight.


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