Sunday, March 10, 2013

United Kingdom Will Continue To Trim Deficit

Inggris Akan Tetap Memangkas Defisit

Monexnews-United Kingdom Prime Minister, David Cameron, said the loss of the Aaa credit rating means the Government needs to accelerate its efforts to trim the deficit. "Credit rating it important and this means the Government must continue and speed up the trimming the deficit," said Cameron to the United Kingdom Parliament. Moody's has cut its credit rating to Aa1 from Aaa United Kingdom due to suramnya economic outlook can overload the Government budget.

Cameron did not argue that the credit ratings play an important role; but the real test for Cameron United Kingdom point out is the magnitude of the interest to be paid when the Government issued bonds. "To date, the United Kingdom Government bond interest rates still at low level and this should be maintained," says Cameron.

Meanwhile, sterling strengthened in the New York session. GBP/USD is traded now, away from the low level 1.5152 daily 1.5079 (fr)

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Title Post: United Kingdom Will Continue To Trim Deficit
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