Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Yen Looks To Lose Momentum

Yen Terlihat Kehilangan Momentum

Monexnews-the Yen slipping versus the U.s. Dollar although most analysts viewed the fall of currencies over the last 3 months Japan is starting to show signs of losing momentum. Expectations that Japan's new Government will take a more aggressive easing measures have been sinking Yen around the stock exchange since November last year.

The fact that u.s. policy makers don't feel the objections with the weakening of the Yen, which has made Japan's exports become more competitive, it also shows a decreasing trend of the currency will still be continued.

"We cannot know how aggressive the Government of Japan will be next, and we also can't really predict how much the US would give tolerance," said John Vail, Chief global analyst at Nikko Asset Management. "Maybe they will still be waiting until it reaches a certain level of the Yen. In my opinion, 95-105 Yen range was the intended target. " (vid)

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Title Post: The Yen Looks To Lose Momentum
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