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The Eurozone's Manufacturing Performance Consistently Weakened

Kinerja Manufaktur Zona Euro Konsisten Melemah

Monexnews-manufacturing Activity in the Euro zone slowed in February, in the same rate with the performance one month earlier. The latest Data reflect the economy of the eurozone was still difficulty to get out of the recession.

Research firm data, Markit, Friday's release of monthly poll (February) against the manufacturing company executives the number appeared on 47.9. The number of digits below 50 represents a contraction or the economic slowdown, which has been going on for the last 19 months.

"The manufacturing sector is indeed a scourge which led to the decline of the GDP for four consecutive quarters. But look, if no longer a worst downturn trend in the previous months, "said Chris Williamson, Markit's chief economist. Decrease in the number of orders for new products from the territory of the Euro not as bad as expected and predicted improved in March. Manufacturing activity in Germany and Ireland are more powerful, but unfortunately the weakening in 6 other countries as shown by the Markit data. Minimal attenuation occurs in Greece with the index was at became the performance figures and manufacturing 12.0 best since pop-ups last month.

Germany's manufacturing activity increased to 50.3 or high in the past year. That fact shows how big the gap between economic performance in the country with other countries. Factory activity in France even decreased in significant ratio. The economy of the Euro are in recession category in the last nine months of the year 2012. The recession itself is a condition in which a region's economy recorded negative for two consecutive quarters.


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Title Post: The Eurozone's Manufacturing Performance Consistently Weakened
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