Thursday, March 14, 2013

Review Of Wall Street: A New Record For The Dow Of Nicks

Review Wall Street: Torehan Rekor Anyar The Dow

Monexnews-one day after reaching the highest level in history, the Dow Jones index back to carve a new record on the trading session yesterday Wednesday (06/03). The Dow rose again 0.3% to perched on the cusp of new, 14, 296.39. S&P 500 index also successfully defended the performance with raihan 0.1% and only 1.3% of the best record of all time. As for the Nasdaq index did not move much, mainly due to the stock's performance burdened by Staples recently cut its sales target for 2013. The Dow index and S&P 500 each have gone up as much as 9% and 8% since the beginning of the year and still a chance to scoop up more gains this month.

Strengthening of stock prices last night was more due to the recovering United States economic data releases, including symptoms of recovery labor sector of the country. Market participants are increasingly optimistic economic future and addressing the income of corporations. Report of the Research Institute version of the ADP payrolls released better than expected, and gave rise to hope for similar results at official government labor data Friday. A majority of economists surveyed by CNN in February payrolls figure predicts it will be out in numbers of 175,000.

Other positive sentiment came from the central bank's commitment to maintain stimulus policies, which contributed to the stock price and toss. In the latest edition of the Beige Book release, The Fed said that economic activity in the 12 regions of moderate speed walking in since January. Nearly all the high officials of the Fed agreed asset purchase should proceed despite the symptoms of economic recovery was in sight. The potential price increase of equity stock valuation considering very open at this time was still relatively low. After being dragged to a nadir in 2009, prompting the stock market consistently strengthened in line with the interest of investors who buy improved. Most Wall Street analysts argued the stock price is relatively cheap when compared to the approximate amount of profit to be gained by issuers-issuers. The action of buying and selling a lot more predictable in a couple of weeks ahead in line with the movement of a stock rises over time.


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