Friday, March 1, 2013

Obama Press Congress To Prevent Automatic Budget Cuts

Obama Tekan Kongres Untuk Mencegah Pemotongan Anggaran Otomatis

Monexnews-President Barack Obama increased the pressure on Congress to prevent budget cuts of $ 1.2 billion that is set is valid from March 1, he said that the budget cuts would harm the economy and reduce vital services.

Obama said that if budget cuts force, then the u.s. will lose hundreds of thousands of jobs, destruction of military preparedness, and aid to local governments and the State will shrink as well as the ability of the Government in responding to natural disasters or other emergencies will be reduced.

If lawmakers do not approve to replace budget cuts in all government agencies, Congress "at least" should have passed a small package while who could provide more time for negotiations, Obama said in Washington.

"There should be no budget cuts want to happen," he added.


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Title Post: Obama Press Congress To Prevent Automatic Budget Cuts
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