Friday, March 1, 2013

Minister Of Finance Japan Is Trying To Restore The Yen

Menkeu Jepang Coba Pulihkan Yen

Monexnews-the Yen rebound against the U.s. Dollar after Finance Minister of Japan Taro Aso said that he is not currently considering the purchase of foreign bonds as part of an easing of monetary policy, a day after PRIME MINISTER Shinzo Abe says the opposite.

The statement also highlights the presence of Aso dispute is open between 2 high level officials that Japan, which is a bit screwed up the prospect of the State monetary policy and creating the risk 2-way to trade the Dollar/Yen.

"Developments in the last few days have highlighted the fact that there are internal divisions on policy approaches, and perhaps also the external constraints on the form of easing measures can still be accepted by the partners of Japan," said Shaun Osborne, Chief currency analyst at TD Securities in Toronto. (vid)

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Title Post: Minister Of Finance Japan Is Trying To Restore The Yen
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