Saturday, January 4, 2014

VIDEO: Toddler Filled Sores Found Citizens

VIVAnews-A toddler-sex women aged about two years found the citizens of Pamuruyan, Cibadak, Sukabumi, West Java, Wednesday January 3, 2014. When found, this toddler was crying at a food stall.

His head was digunduli, but was not neat. The whole body is full of toddler injuries like bruises caused by blunt objects, blows and wounds sundutan smoking. Not only that, the hapless boy legs and arms were also swollen. In his left armpit also seem open cuts.

The iba see direct LAD treating conditions and feed. When left untreated, this boy in pain. But unable to cry out crying because her face visible trauma.

See the video at this link.

Hermansyah, residents who found the toddler had claimed to see a man with longish looking fro. But before long, the man went out to nowhere. Then there's the toddler was on site.

After being treated at the village office, the citizens then brought the boy to the PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL Sekarwangi, Cibadak, to get better handling.

Meanwhile, parents are still seeking Cibadak Polsek boy woman and revealing who those who bear torture and throw it away.

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