Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Girl Was Raped And Gave Birth To The Double Disabled

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VIVAnews-It's terrible fate of blind and tunawicara women age 21 and the origin of Sukabumi, West Java. He raped the unidentified person to give birth to a baby.

Call it the poor woman named flower. He's been experiencing paralysis since birth. Flowers are known to get pregnant in November 2013, the age of six months. The girl who lives more in bed at home hovel it must bear because of the barbarity of the offender might suffer.

Initially, the son of Ali (RIP) and Dijah (41 years) were counted, because her stomach pain continues to membuncit. But once checked in the local village of litter is the shaman, the girl known to be pregnant for six months. Knowing his daughter was pregnant, and residents reported to Dijah Polsek Sukalarang.

A resident of the generous and caring for flowers. Dijah cannot do much. Dijah just a Hodge serabutan. Dijah participated even lived with his son being treated at home by the benefactor.

The poor girl that eventually gave birth to the PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL in Sukabumi Syamsuddin with operation process, Thursday night, January 2, 2014. Flowers gave birth to a baby boy weighing only 1.7 kg. Flower and her baby is still in intensive care.

Meanwhile, the police up to now have not been able to uncover who the perpetrators of the bear raping the girl. This is because there are no witnesses, and the victim also could not communicate.

Citizens against suffering of the victim, iba hope the local Government can pay attention to the health of the mother and her baby.

Reports Of Muhammad Akasah, ANTV Sukabumi

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