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Liquefied petroleum gas prices go up, The mother and the trader "Scream"

VIVAnews -Enter early 2014, PT Pertamina raised the price of liquefied petroleum gas 12 kilograms in unison across Indonesia. All of a sudden, the increase was felt very heavy by people, especially mothers who are accustomed to using liquefied petroleum gas cooking.

LPG price up in previous Rp 5.850 base per kg up to Rp to Rp 9.809 3.959 per kg. Thus, it tube-12 per kg, the price increased from Rp 117.708 to Rp 70.200 per tube.

After charging and distribution plus the cost of LPG, LPG pricing at the consumer level to Rp 130,000-140,000 per tube. Magnitude of the increase in the level of consumer it will vary based on the distance to the point of delivery of LPG station and then to the consumers.

The price increase is also perceived Siti Nuraeni, resident Of Lenteng, South Jakarta. Siti assess the Government or related parties did not make himself more socialization to society.

"Inevitably have to gimana again. But, there should be a clearer discussion used to be if you want to raise the price, why the rise could severely so, "said Siti's profession as a primary school teacher in the Country Jakarta Post, Saturday January 4, 2014.

Siti said, with the increase that reached more than 50 percent, he did not intend to replace the habit of using LPG with LPG 3 kg 12 kilograms, that cost only Rp 16,000-17,000 per tube.

LPG price hike of 12 kilograms is also felt among traders, especially those who have business home meal.

According to traders, rice dishes, Zubaidah padang in the market West, Tanjung Duren Tomang, West Jakarta, with a high enough increase in spending will be growing.

"Regular disposable gas 12 pounds for 4 days. So the burden to our merchants. Food prices have not been raised now, just minus the portion is big, "said Zubaidah.

As for the entrepreneur, Lilis, according to food stalls in Jalan Matraman Raya tegal, East Jakarta, at this time he was no longer using LPG 12 pounds, because the quality is not the same.

"Sometimes wear the gede (12 kg) content is not the same. The Cook every day is the same, but depleted gas reserves are not necessarily. Sometimes too fast, "said Lilis.

Although depending on usage, Lilis continued, the use of liquefied petroleum gas 12 kg, the current will not be used again, because the price is very expensive.

"Currently, we have not participated in raise prices or reduce the portion. But, if that happens on a gas 3 pounds, I am going to raise rates, "he said. (art)

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Title Post: Liquefied petroleum gas prices go up, The mother and the trader "Scream"
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