Thursday, January 2, 2014

Januzaj Sped on "Standings A Diving" Premier League

Appearing 14 times, Januzaj 3 times caught doing diving.Friday, January 3, 2010, 10: 07 PMVIVAbola -not only impresses with Manchester United, apparently Januzaj also noted a Adnan "achievements" on the Premier League stage this season. Its name in the list of players which sped often do diving in seven seasons.

Data from the Daily Mail, noted was Januzaj three times rewarded due to yellow card deliberately flopped. He is now in third place was "the black list" under former Tottenham Hotspur player, Gareth Bale, who discovered the diving conducted seven times.

Raihan Januzaj now rival Fernando Torres who also caught three times pretended to fall. But, it is worth noting that the 18-year player had his record in only 14 appearances.

The Red Devil and other officials also entered the list is Ashley Young. He was twice rewarded yellow card due to do diving, just as Liverpool star Luis Suarez.

If calculated on the basis of the team, since 2008, the players Tottenham being the most diligent launched an action "tipu-tipu" it on the putting green that is as much as 13 times. Meanwhile, perched beneath Chelsea and MU. (art)

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