Monday, January 6, 2014

Terminal Digusur untuk MRT, Ratusan Sopir Bus Demo di Lebak Bulus

VIVAnews -hundreds of employees of the city bus Between Provinisi (AKAP) berunjuk Lebak Bulus Terminal in flavor, Cilandak, South Jakarta, Thursday 6 January 2014. They rejected plans for the closure of the terminal bus AKAP.

To secure the demonstrations, police have set up special safeguards. "We are preparing the combined apparatus of 446 force Polda Metro, Brimob, Shabara, and Reserse," said Kapolsek Cilandak Commissioner Sungkono told the Jakarta Post.

In the Lebak Bulus terminal looks officers stand guard complete with barracuda and water cannon. Pendemo consisting of the conductor, driver, handyman, guard parking stalls, and porters that pelvic began to take to the streets.

They berorasi in front of Fire Department Headquarters in South Jakarta. The action was pretty annoying other road users. Rate of vehicles that passed in choked up giving rise to congestion.

Protesters also called for the name Jokowi. They asked Jokowi to give the best solution over the eviction of Lebak Bulus Terminal plans.

As for the eviction was carried out for the construction of Mass Rapid Transit station (MRT). Later, bus AKAP Lebak Bulus entrance used to be transferred to some other terminal.

"We support the provincial government, but we're given a decent place, but in the South," said an orator who delivered aspirasinya. (sj)

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