Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Democratic Convention Committee: Elektabilitas Highest Dahlan

VIVAnews – two participants in the Democratic Party presidential nominee Convention, Dahlan Iskan and Anies Baswedan, most excellent elektabilitas has a total of 11 participants of the Convention. It is said by the Convention Committee members Effendi Ghazzali, Friday January 3, 2014.

Effendi said, Anies included media darling, while Dahlan also has its own media. This is likely to be a factor contributing to the high elektabilitas of the Minister of STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES and Paramadina University Rector.

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Effendi then alluded to the other Convention participants, Minister of trade of Gita Wirjawan. "There's a rather ill-advised campaign concept on the Gita," he said without explaining the details.

While the rest of the attendees elektabilitas the Convention question, Effendi says "not yet visible."

According to Professor communication sciences Graduate of UI 's, there are several constraints faced by participants in the Convention. DPD Irman Gusman's Chairman, for example, have a base area which has not yet been accumulated. While the Chairman of the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES Marzuki Alie had a different concept with SBY terartikulasi well but haven't.

"The Democratic Party needs the people who pointed out the difference with SBY," said Effendi.

He proposes there is a stage in the process of the Convention. The allowance can in the debate the candidates and Convention attendee survey. "For example there are now 11 participants, set aside 8 live, then set aside again to 4, until finally one," said Effendi.

The purpose of the allowance was, according to him, in order that the Democratic Convention attracted people's interest, focus, and challenging for their contestant. A question of winning, said Effendi, to be decided by the Committee of the Convention. The Democratic Party will only announce the winners administratively.

Eleven Democratic Convention attendees are members of MR Ali Masykur Musa, Paramadina University Rector Anies Baswedan, Minister for STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES Dahlan Iskan, Ambassador RI for Dino Patti Djalal, U.S. former TNI Chief Endriartono Sutarto, Minister of trade of Gita Wirjawan, House members Hayono Isman Irman Gusman, Chairman of DPD, Chairman of the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES Marzuki Alie, Pramono Edhie Wibowo KSAD ex, and Governor Sinyo Harry Sarundajang North Sulawesi.

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