Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ahok: development Stunted due to the protests of citizens of Jakarta

VIVAnews -Vice Governor of DKI Jakarta, Basuki Tjahaja full moon, spare any citizens who reject the closure of Lebak Bulus terminal for buses between cities across the province. Because, he said, the closing was done for the sake of development of the depo Mass Rapid Transit (MRT).

Ahok, greetings Basuki, said one of the causes of development in Jakarta hampered is all about support from the citizens. And Lebak Bulus local people protest that refuse closure terminal for bus AKAP include one of them.

Whereas, Ahok said that the provincial Government of DKI has prepared a three-terminal replacement, namely, Pulogadung and Kalideres Kampung Rambutan. The provincial Government of DKI also undertook revitalization in claiming three terminals.

"Yes, that's our society. Should we be equally defeatist lah for the common good, "said Ahok at City Hall, Jakarta, Friday, January 7, 2014.

Ahok requesting postponement of the closure of the terminal was not left long ago. Because according to him, Jakarta had 20 years left on the issue of public transport. If it is postponed again it will be increasingly left behind.

"If delay-delay again want to how. If the MRT wake up 20 years ago surely Jakarta are not so bad as it is now, "he said.

Although the construction of the MRT got rejection from many citizens, ensuring that the provincial Government of DKI Ahok will continue to encourage the construction of mass transit that could be quickly ironed out.

"That's why we both decide. If not the same meaning we did not understand anything. If not re-elected nor do anything. If we did not dare to execute ya sometime. It already lags 20 years. So we select the disconnect, "said he insisted. (one)

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Title Post: Ahok: development Stunted due to the protests of citizens of Jakarta
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