Monday, January 6, 2014

Tjahjo Ahok Issues So Bemused Cadres [CITATION NEEDED]

VIVAnews -intensity of the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Basuki T Full or often accosted Ahok, met the top brass [CITATION NEEDED] many circles rated as a first step, she moved from Generra. However, it was precisely this contradicted the Secretary Jendaral Indonesia Democratic Party of struggle, Tjahjo Kumolo.

"There is no talk of anything and there are no plans to move his party's agenda," said Tjahjo when contacted, Monday 6 January 2014.

Tjahjo describes the meeting was merely a regular talk show without a political agenda. This discussion in the capacity as a representative of the Governor of Ahok DKI Jakarta, Joko Widodo, a cadre of [CITATION NEEDED].

"As a partner of Governor Jokowi reasonable if there was a function of mutual communication," he said.

Previously Chairman of DPP PDI-P, Maruarar Sirait (Ara) invited representatives of DKI Jakarta Gubernnur, Basuki T full moon (Ahok) when it was about to join his party. It's just that, Ara confirms his party never proffer Ahok to join.

"It's up to the politicians he Ahok very mature, independent, intelligent, bold and clean. But all the politicians in selecting the right based on a match with the mission and vision of the ideology of the party, "said Ara when contacted Thursday, January 2, 2014.

PDI-P has no plans to seize the party Ahok Generra. "We had the experience of receiving the other party cadres, as long as it has the same ideology," he said.

Meanwhile, Party Chairman Suhardi Generra claimed to have learned about developing issues that Ahok will move to [CITATION NEEDED].

"I don't know, catches up with the right person. People can be anything, this is a clear personal rights, "said Suhardi.

According to his party, Suhardi will not block because the party is selecting the right of every citizen.

Ahok removals of Generra issues and DESIGN, this occurs because of the proximity and General Chairman of the PDI-P Ahok Megawati Sukarnoputri. In some occasions, Ahok along with other PDI-P politicians came to the residence of Megawati. Similarly capitalizing Ahok House when it came to celebrate Christmas.

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