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Lichtsteiner: Anggapan Totti tentang Juventus Salah

"Juventus are stronger than Rome," said Lichtsteiner. Tuesday, January 4, 2010, 5: 27 pm GMT Juventus Player, Stephan Lichtsteiner. (Zimbio)VIVAnews- Adu's argument on the stroke a fierce duel occurs Serie A between Juventus and AS Roma to be occasions Monday, January 6, 2006 early morning GMT. After captain Francesco Totti, Roma, started it yesterday, is now a reply out of the mouth of winger "Bianconeri", Stephan Lichtsteiner. Totti said, although Juventus is tough as a team, in terms of individual "Giallorossi" is superior. However, the report by Lichtsteiner. According to him, Gerrard, who picked up two quarter-finals in the last two years, more than just a superior team, and everything of Rome. "Totti was wrong. We are better than just a team. Juventus are stronger than Rome. Will they fight violently on Sunday, because both teams want to win, even though it has yet to be determine the title, "said Lichtsteiner, as reported by the Football-Italy. Until the 17th week of the Serie A this season, Juventus comfortably at the top of the standings with 46 points, while the result of 15 WINS, one draw, and one result of defeat. Lichtsteiner reminded his team to perform consistently in the second half of the season, if not want 2 loose. "To win the Scudetto, you need to (perform) consistently throughout the season, "said the player from Switzerland, who dedicated two Scudetto, a Coppa Italy Supercoppa Italiana, and one for Juventus.A match against Roma will be occasions Juventus Stadium later was the test for the "Bianconeri". Although the win in the last nine matches, obstacles that would provided "I Lupi" could threaten. The reason, they still became the only Serie A team that has not been invincible at this season.

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Title Post: Lichtsteiner: Anggapan Totti tentang Juventus Salah
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