Tuesday, January 7, 2014

BI: Gas Imports Do Not Disturb The Deficit Deal Went

VIVAnews -Bank Indonesia welcomed the increase in the price of LPG tubes 12 kilograms made PT Pertamina. Although, his Ascension was eventually lowered from Rp 3.959 per kg to Rp 1,000 per kg.

The Governor of Bank Indonesia, Agus Martowardojo, in the Office of the President, Tuesday 7th January 2014, revealed, that effort should be made to suppress losses due to rising prices, Pertamina gas imports, due to the weakening rupiah against the United States dollar.

"These are conditions still need to import and sale by not leaving any losses," he said.

Pertamina, according to him, should calculate the losses to be covered again, due to the lower quantity of such increases. The aim for more mengefisiensikan operating costs.

"So, there is that incurred by Pertamina, sure it's not ideal," said Agus.

To dampen the moral hazard that occurs in the community, according to Agus, Pertamina must be transparent. This effort was done so that the public can understand the policy conducted.

"Perhaps there needs to be an explanation, so that people know. If you can not raised again, it's good, "he added.

With the rise in price of this blue tube, tube migration to the occurrence of threats melon may occur. These conditions will increase the subsidies given by the Government, because the gas imports increased.

However, he asserted, the condition will have no effect and encourage the growing trade deficit and the transaction is running.

"Do not disturb. If I see it, the development of the deficit balance of transactions running shows improvement, "he said.

In fact, according to him, an estimated quarter of IV year 2013 its realization could reach below 3 percent.

"Now in it's FOURTH quarter could be in the range of 3 percent or below 3 percent. So, generally speaking, Indonesia already responding well. Imports in the sense that no need had been reduced, "he added. (art)

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Title Post: BI: Gas Imports Do Not Disturb The Deficit Deal Went
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