Saturday, January 4, 2014

This camera Can take pictures 360 degree Panorama

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VIVAnews-Capture images with panorama format can be done with a professional camera, through the process of editing images, or camera application featured panorama.

A more advanced camera technology allows smartphone users capture panoramic views. However, most features of the panorama was only able to capture a maximum of 180 degrees.

Now, there are cameras that can capture a panorama of up to 360 degrees. Camera named Panono is shaped like a ball come 36 pieces of camera is capable of taking images simultaneously to the whole corner.

Designed so it can be thrown, a sophisticated camera that will take pictures while on the highest point or while being in a position to hang. It is essential that captured image is not blurry or shift.

The camera is priced at $ 499, or equivalent to Rp6 million, it claimed a 100 megapixels. Uniquely, the cameras that weigh 300 grams and with a diameter of 11 centimeters can be connected to a smartphone, so that users can edit and post photos directly in social media.

Jonas Pceil, makers of Panono says, that these cameras have been ordered to thousands of people through the creative site Indiegogo campaign. Thanks to numerous donations made through the site, Jonas is able to enhance the capabilities of the camera lens to be sharper.

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