Friday, January 3, 2014

Reason Five Terrorists was buried in Pondok Rangon

Vivanews -Five terrorist suspects have the corpses were transported from Kramat Jati Police Hospital, East Jakarta, to be buried to the burial place of the cottage Rangon, East Jakarta, Saturday January 4, 2014.

The fifth terrorist suspect was killed in a firefight during an ambush by the Special 88 Main Datasemen Police in a rented house in kampung Sawah, Ciputat, Tangerang Selatan last new year's Eve.

The fifth corpse it was Hidayat a.k.a. Dayat glasses, Nurul Haq alias Jack, Fauzi Ozi alias, alias Rizal a.k.a. Supreme Primus, and Eduard aka Edo.

Earlier, on a Friday night at about 23.00 pm, a terrorist suspect bodies named Hendi Albar had been taken by the family to his hometown in Tasikmalaya, West Java.

Of the six terrorist suspects who were killed in the raids some time ago in Ciputat, had brought the family.

The radar of VIVAnews, there are five hearse that carried the body of the fifth. Each hearse accompanied by their relatives.

However, the five bodies were not buried in his hometown. Predictably, their residents do not accept terrorist suspects the corpses were buried in the area.

One of them is the original citizens of Haq, Nurul Tasikmalaya. Based on the information collected, the citizens of his community VIVAnews refused to be buried in his native place.

However, the family confirmed today refused to give details. (art)

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