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The former head of the oil & gas Threatened SKK 20 years in prison

VIVAnews – former head of Work Unit business activities Upstream Oil and Gas (oil & gas SKK) Rudi Rubiandini indicted receiving bribes SGD200 thousand and US $ 1.4 million related to the implementation of an auction limited to crude oil and condensate oil and gas State in SKK. On the charge that he threatened to 20 years in prison.

In the indictment, which was read in Court Prosecutor Riyono KPK criminal act Corruption Jakarta, Tuesday January 7, 2013, Rudi Rubiandini called receive money SGD200 thousand and US $ 900 thousand of Boss Kernel Oil Singapore Widodo Ratanachaitong and PT Indonesia Plt Kernel Oil. While the money US $ 522.500 given the President Director of PT Kaltim Parna industry, Artha Meris Simbolon.

"Even though the known or ought to be presumed that the gift or promise (reward) is given to drive (Rudi) to do or not do something in his post that is contrary to their obligations," said Prosecutor Riyono.

Prosecutors say the money was related, the granting of a few things. First, the authority of Rudi as the head of oil and gas to regulate implementation of SKK auction limited crude oil and condensate oil and gas State in SKK by agreeing Fossus Energy Ltd. as the winner of the auction is limited to parts of the country for the Senipah condensate from July 2013.

Second, Rudi approves the replacement cargo of crude oil the country Mix Grissik February-July period 2013 to Fossus Energy Ltd.

Third, Rudi combine auctions limited crude Minas/SLC parts of the country and the country's present-day Senipah condensate period August 2013.  Rudi also approved Fossus Energy Ltd. as the winner of Minas crude oil/condensate State with SLC senipah parts of the country for the period August 2013.

Rudi, former Deputy Minister of MINERAL RESOURCES shall combine tender Senipah condensate and crude oil Spikes for the period September-October 2013 and delayed implementation of a tender condensate Senipah period September-October 2013.

While granting bribes of Artha Meris Simbolon meant that Rudi give recommendations or approval to lower the gas price formula for PT Kaltim Parna industries (PT KPI) to the Minister of energy and Mineral resources, Jero Wacik.

For his deeds, the KPK Lariat Rudi Rubiandini as recipients of bribes. He was charged with money laundering criminal offence article because of the transfer, deposit the money in cash, switch, spending, placing, and changed the form of property that is allegedly derived from criminal acts. (umi)

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Title Post: The former head of the oil & gas Threatened SKK 20 years in prison
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