Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Samad: I Remind KPK Investigators Anas, Will Call The Forced

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VIVAnews -corruption eradication Commission (KPK) Anas Urbaningrum as checking off the suspect receiving gratuities related to Project Center for education, training, and national sports School (P3SON) in the Hambalang, Bogor, Monday, January 7, 2014.

Not obvious why comply with Anas Urbaningrum was absent calls KPK today. Related it, Chairman of KPK Abraham Samad found reporters asserted, would do the callings forced former General Chairman of the Democratic Party.

"I would like to remind to the Anas Urbaningrum, if it does not come in the next call I'd ordered investigators forced me to call," said Abraham at the Defense Ministry's Office after the meeting with the leadership of the TNI Memhan related the use of the budget There.

While dicecar does the KPK would do detention to Anas Urbaningrum when investigators conducting forced callings, Abraham confirmed it.

"If forced Yes certainly calls on hold," said Abraham as he got into his car.

Earlier, spokesman for the Association of Indonesia (PPI) Movement, Ma'mun Murod, ensuring that most likely Anas Urbaningrum won't attend meet the call of KPK.

According to him, the Anas to currently understood why he was made a suspect. Because in sprindik (KPK investigation warrants) there are words of Anas doing criminal acts of corruption received the top prize of the Hambalang project and other projects.

"If Anas cannot be the explanation of other projects, so consideration of Anas for the next CCA calls don't meet," connect the Ma'mun.

The associated absence of Anas, Ma'mun said they are not worried would be a bad precedent. For calling this obscure feared would trigger the injustice of Anas. (umi)

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Title Post: Samad: I Remind KPK Investigators Anas, Will Call The Forced
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