Monday, January 6, 2014

Often Encountered by Luthfi in custody, Darin Tepis Issues Request for divorce

VIVAnews -third wife of Hasan Ishaaq, Darin Luhfi Mumtazah back down to visit her husband at the House of Thunder, KPK prisoners branch Pomdam Jaya, Monday January 6, 2014. Later, Darin was often seen in the KPK to meet by Luthfi in detention, particularly at the time of besuk prisoners, i.e., Monday and Thursday.

The young woman had come to the CCA at around 09: 30 a.m by wearing Moslem clothes all in black. He appears to have accompanied one of his associates.

Darin denied that during this time, including at the time of her husband's trial proceedings. Whereas when presented as a witness in the process of investigation and trial, the KPK's Darin is not present.

"There are kok, I dont hide. Yes it's not my capacity, "he said.

While the existence of related news about the divorce plans between himself and former President of MCC, Darin to refute it. "No, the who (ask for divorce)," said Darin. About Darin asked for divorce by Luthfi emerged after Darin looks often encountered by Luthfi in rutan KPK.

Young wife by Luthfi was revealed when KPK menyidik cases of corruption and money laundering by Luthfi Hasan Ishaaq. KPK prosecutors describe, Admin married Darin Mumtazah by December 2012. But Daddy Darin, Ziad Baladzam declared the marriage by Luthfi and Darin held on June 2012 for the series.

By Luthfi also is known to have bought the car for Mitsubishi Grandis Darin Mumtazah. But the Admin denied ever bought a car for his wife. But that car including instructed the Tribunal judges was taken to the State, along with the 16-year jail verdict for Admin Hasan Ishaaq.  (eh)

woow whats eper to you ... darin savory savoury enyoy ... ... wakepoh 06/01/2014 example portrait poverty, parents willingly sell their daughters to old bandot

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Title Post: Often Encountered by Luthfi in custody, Darin Tepis Issues Request for divorce
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