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The robbery Rate Gentayangan cash card Mode in Depok

VIVAnews -fraud cases with the mode of ATM card ingested. In Depok, West Java, a mother's shock weight due to her savings money drained nearly all the principals.

These events befell the Yanti (not his real name), the citizens of the housing Park Ambassadors, Cimanggis, Depok. Unmitigated, actors leaving only money belonging to victims totaling Rp135, after plundering of Rp16 million more.

One witness, Budi, who was a neighbor of the victims say, the incident started when the victim was about to take the money in the Bank Mandiri ATM not far from the location of his home, Friday night, January 3, 2014. When intending to conduct a transaction, ATM card suddenly stalled and ingested into.

"At the moment that is emerging of a man who has suddenly been offer help and told him to call the number given," said Budi told VIVAnews, Thursday January 4, 2014.

Shortly after that, the actors give ATM card to the victim. The victims were returning home. "Uh, fits checked again, the money stays Rp135. Losses estimated at millions of Rp16," said he.

This news was revealed, until the casualties, according to witnesses still looks severe shock. This melancholy event increasingly made him limp, because the money was his plan to fund the ailing husband's stroke.

"Yes, mother's compassion, her husband was ill stroke. He said the money had been used for medical treatment. The victims have not reported to police because it is still a shock, "said Budi.

The first integrated fraud cases like this is kind of new. Not long ago, a woman named Pridia According (41) at the ATM Mandiri Alfamart, Duren Sawit, East Jakarta, were also victims of similar cases and in the same ATM owned by Bank Mandiri. Due to the behavior of the offender, the victim was forced to lose money worth Parlay million. (art)

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Title Post: The robbery Rate Gentayangan cash card Mode in Depok
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