Thursday, January 2, 2014

Search Defender, Napoli Midfielder Beckham Immediately Instead Of Lyon

Gonalons also commonly appear as a defender.Friday, January 3, 2010, 10: 43 PM VIVAbola -back line player Needs Naples already very urgent. They need a retainer to Raul Albiol performance superimposed and Miguel Britos.

A number of names have been aiming for since a few months back, but now even the Partenopei is rumored to soon bring in a quarterback: Maxime Gonalons from Olympique Lyon.

But make no mistake, coach Rafael Benitez had a ripe recruiting Gonalons considerations. Yes, in addition to being a player, he was also known to anchor even if placed as a central defender.

Italy Football report, Friday, January 3, 2014, Gonalons was ascertained the move in a few hours ahead. As for the transfer fee is estimated at Napoli will have to pay € 12 million or equivalent to Rp199 billion.

24 year-old Gonalons defending Lyon since 2009. Until this week he has recorded 108 goals in 5 appearances and posted a.

In France, the national team has also been featured as much as Gonalons 6 times. He made his debut on 11 November 2011 when Les Blues did a test run with the United States. (eh)

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Title Post: Search Defender, Napoli Midfielder Beckham Immediately Instead Of Lyon
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