Monday, January 6, 2014

Carpenters Armed Group shot dead in Puncak Jaya

VIVAnews-Action shooting by unidentified people still took place in Puncak Jaya. This time the victim named M carpenters Than the citizens of Makassar. He was killed on the spot.

The event occurred right at the HIGH SCHOOL Complex 1, Kampung Wuyuneri Noble, Puncak Jaya District, Tuesday morning, around 8 a.m. CDT. Then Rode gets passengers from the noble to the Wuyuneri.

Without a suspect, bringing passengers to the destination Than with the Yamaha motorcycles Jupiter police number DS 2283 PJ. Arriving at your destination, Rode wearing a vest motorcycle taxi number 152 was shot. He died on the spot with luka shoot in the right eye.

Papua Police spokesman Sulistyo Pujo Initializing justify such events. "A citizen of the taxis profession was shot dead by members of the armed groups," he said.

Currently, members of the Puncak Jaya led Polres Kapolres AKBP Marselis already went to the scene to do though the scene of the crime (the CRIME SCENE).

While the bodies of the victims were taken to Noble's Hospital. "The family will Likely pick it up to take to the hometown in Makassar," he said.

Whether the offender is also doing the attacks against police stations and seizure of weapons some time ago, can not ensure Pujo. But to be sure, the perpetrator is armed groups. "We are Still investigating. The culprit is a group that has a gun, "he said.

Earlier, police station Kulirik is located not far from glorious, was attacked by armed groups. They managed to seize eight shoots guns.

The leadership is suspected of storming a Telenggen Leka has dozens of followers. The group is affiliated to the Goliath Tabuni Opm management (OPM), headquartered in Tingginambut. (umi)

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