Friday, January 3, 2014

Nest Of Hezbollah Bombed, Five People Were Killed, Dozens Injured

VIVAnews-A car bomb exploded in southern Beirut, Lebanon, which is a hotbed of the followers of Hezbollah. As many as five people were killed and dozens of others were wounded in the suicide bombing.

Reuters reported, the incident occurred at around 4 pm, Thursday, January 2, 2014, when citizens of the middle of the crowded street. The explosion so great that destroyed the nearby building. Black smoke and flames soared from location, casualties.

According to Health Minister Ali Hassan Khalil, five people were killed and at least 70 were injured in the incident. One of the victims was killed, crushed to pieces, supposedly it was the perpetrators of the suicide bombings.

Hezbollah Deputy Sheik Naim Qassem called on the public to remain calm and called on the Government immediately form a unity Cabinet.

The Government is now the provisional Government after the Prime Minister Najib Mikati resigned last March due to chaotic with Hezbollah in Parliament. "Central to the devastation of Lebanon if there is no understanding of politics," said Qassem.

No one has claimed responsibility for blasting this time. The two parties, both Sunni and Shi'a decried the bombing.

The incident adds to the Sunni-Shiite sectarian tensions that occur in Lebanon. The militant Shiite organization Hezbollah is increasingly denounced Sunni because helping the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria fighters stormed. Assad himself was a Shia Alawit.

The action mutually kill occurred between the two camps. Last week, former Finance Minister Mohamad Chatah, a Sunni politician who often denounce Assad and Hezbollah was killed along with six other people in a car bomb in Beirut.

Last summer, bombs exploded outside two Sunni mosques in Tripoli, killing several people. To reply to this attack with a bomb blast at the Embassy of Iran, Hezbollah's supporters, on the country last November.

Thursday night yesterday in Tripoli, Lebanon's second largest city, there was a battle between militants and supporters of anti-Assad. In this region, the bombings and shootings often occur. Five people were killed in a firefight Thursday night.

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