Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Observer: Who Paced Losses Pertamina?

VIVAnews -PT Pertamina LPG price hike imposed a 12 kilogram from Rp 1,000 per kg today, Tuesday 7th January 2014 00.00 GMT. LPG price hike earlier Rp 3.959 per kg automatic does not apply anymore.

Observers of STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES, Said Du, felt that the revision of LPG price hike decision that there is no legal base. Therefore, the fuel price rise that is the fuel that is not subsidized by the Government.

"This solution is not based on a legal mechanism. If the goods subject to the Act, it is the stuff through the assignment mechanism, "said Said when contacted by the Jakarta Post, Tuesday January 7, 2014.

According to him, the Government would have to bear if there are losses that occur. In addition, there is a discussion with Parliament, government regulations, as well as government contracting and the recipient tasks, in this case is Pertamina, "said Said when contacted by the Jakarta Post, Tuesday January 7, 2014.

As is known, in the Ministerial Regulation No. 26 of 2009, the Agency usahalah that determines the LPG price increase is 12 kg. It could be said, the increase in LPG blue this is the authority of the company.

With the increase in the price of LPG reduction solution to Rp 1,000 per kg, the company predicts red plates bear the losses of Rp5,35 billion with the exchange rate of Rp 10,500 per u.s. dollar.

"If kursnya evolved, or an average of Rp 12.250 disadvantage, so be Rp6,24 trillion," said Director of Pertamina, Karen Agustiawan.

With the loss, Said predictions into question, who is going to bear this loss. In fact, it's been mentioned that 12 kg LPG is not subsidized by the Government.

"Who will bear the loss Rp5,3 trillion? Does not exist. There is no mechanism, "said he." (art)

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Title Post: Observer: Who Paced Losses Pertamina?
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