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Rising Prices Of Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Dahlan: Don't Blame Director Of Pertamina

VIVAnews -Minister of STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES, Dahlan Iskan, hinting at the presence of LPG price drop nonsubsidi 12 kg. Dahlan said on Monday, January 6, 2014.

"It is definitely. The President wants the tall not Ascension. But, according to the increase of Petamina, still a loss, "said Dahlan's Office in the Agency Financial Examiner (CPC), Jakarta.

Previously, Pertamina enacting new LPG price nonsubsidi 12 kg packs simultaneously throughout Indonesia, with an average increase in consumer level of Rp 3.959 per kg since 1 January.

Increase in the level of consumer quantities will vary based on the distance of LPG refueling stations (SPBBE) to the point of delivery (supply points).

However, with the rise, Dahlan said, according to Pertamina, the firm this red plates are still losers. Moving on from that reason, the Government has consulted to the CPC.

"So, we need consultation with the CPC related to this," he said.

Dahlan was indeed impressed defended Pertamina is related to the issue of increase in LPG 12 kg. But, she reluctantly called "Gala".

"I have no comment. Just don't blame Director of Pertamina. Don't blame the other. This is not a matter of Gala. But this is a question of responsibility, "he added. (adi)

Otherwise the Pertamina PRESIDENT blamed who else? Mr. Dahlan this bizarre co-inventor. What is management? No one wants to blame. ... ... Embarrassing. Mr. Dahlan & Ceo Management School where Pertamina yach? Bgmn Capres 2014. want to be correct word slapstick eh dahlan ... blame yourself why living in the land of nowhere. ...Naekin aja pak, pertamina khan loss continues ... naekin continue ... till rekyat ga can buy again and finally exported with a cheap price ... this target eventually.Anyways people also probably angry kok ga, they are afraid of being branded a terrorist ... people don't created hard-Pack, please donk for not politicized. people already hard-made add susahharga gas production according to pertamina 10,700 per kg, this needs to be audited investigations of why gas prices could be a 10,700 per kg. should gas prices can be much cheaper than PETROL. romychan 06/01/2014 If tdk blame pertamina, mean Mr. dahlan people who blame? Or Mr. Dahlan wrote hrs asked to resign?

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Title Post: Rising Prices Of Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Dahlan: Don't Blame Director Of Pertamina
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