Saturday, January 4, 2014

The cars Use Android, Soon started from Audi

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VIVAnews-Map of competition operating system is increasingly fierce. Some time ago, Apple says the operating system can be integrated with vehicle iOS7 car.

Google does not want to miss. Recently, the giant Mountain View Home World of technology it announced it has entered into a partnership with Audi to immerse the Android operating system to support the ride comfort.

Alerts you of the page Geek, Saturday January 4, 2014, the inauguration of the partnership between Audi and Google is planned at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA, 7-10 January 2014.

Unfortunately, the partnership of the two companies was not mentioned. They just said the main focus of this cooperation is to put the Android operating system in the Audi cars.

Google is also rumored to have been working with the processor manufacturer Nvidia. Later, Nvidia will provide processors to support Android technology in cars Audi.

"According to the news, Google will update the navigation system on Audi car by using the latest Google Maps. Google will also add location-based sound Assistant feature to tell the driver, "writes Russell Holly from

Apparently, Google not only partner with a car manufacturer. According to Holly, cooperation with Audi just initial steps before deploying Android to the rest of the cars around the world.

"Looking ahead, the mobile operating system is not only used for smart phone devices. But, also in drive the car. In cooperation with Audi is successful, Google is likely to hook the other car producers to immediately adopt Android, "said Holly.

We just wait, Android technology as what will be presented by Google and Audi in the event its inauguration later in the CES for 2014.

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