Saturday, January 4, 2014

Police: Suspicious Objects in Pamulang Not Bombs

VIVAnews -Citizens Pamulang digegerkan with a suspicious findings in book form. The object is near the residence of a retired insurance, M Saleh Usman at Jalan Melati I Block A1, No 17, Rt 01 Rw 08 Kedaung, Pamulang.

Head of public relations of the Metro Jaya Police Commissioner Rikwanto said, suspicious objects were found by Saleh (70) at around 6 PM, Friday, January 3, 2014. It was also, she immediately contacted the head of security of Housing, the next report to Kedaung Polsek Pamulang.

"About 10 people from the team gegana come along and do the checking four times through the detection of the computer. Then, the book of suspicious objects in the shape of the decomposed, "said in the short message Rikwanto in Jakarta, Saturday January 4, 2014.

From that description, there are two black wires over 10 centimeters with two currents in green and white, a small box of plastic that does not contain, and VCB Board slab of green color. Not only that, also found a book called "100 Opinion Leaders Regarding Indonesia's YUDHOYONO Era" it was perforated with the middle size 8x5x1 cm.

"However, from unravelling and blasting suspected bombing the gegana team book, it was concluded that the explosives were not found," explains Rikwanto. (art)

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Title Post: Police: Suspicious Objects in Pamulang Not Bombs
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