Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Blizzard in the United States Kills 15 people

VIVAnews-At least 15 people were killed by a Blizzard that hit the United States. The temperature of chilled bones still felt to this day, Saturday January 4, 2014.

The death citizens occurred because of bad conditions on the road. Reported by ABC News, in the western part of New York, a woman aged 71 years, reportedly froze up lifeless in the street. The old woman was suffering from Alzheimers.

Though most snowfall has stopped this morning, officers of the authorities continue to warn citizens not out and remained in the House.

Temperatures plummeted below freezing. In some areas such as New York, Boston, and the Philadelpia, reaching minus 10 degrees. The temperature is estimated to be slightly improved in the week tomorrow.

The most badly hit by the storm this time is a suburb north of Boston, with an altitude of snow reached two feet. Meanwhile, other parts of the country the average 18 inches.

The National Weather Service issued a Blizzard warning for the coastal area north and South of Boston, the State of Maine, as well as New York.

Most of the Government's major cities in the Northeast issued a school cancellation policies, including New York, Baltimore, Philadelpia, Newark, and New Haven.

In Milwaukee, the school will be closed until Monday because of the very cold weather. The Government reportedly would consider closing schools across the State.

According to, to this day, at least 2,200 flights have been canceled, and 3,000 experience delays due to bad weather.

Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, announced a State of emergency and urged their citizens to stay indoors. "This can't be taken lightly. Citizens should consider staying in their homes, "he reported by Sky News.

Rescue teams also combed the streets of New York and Boston to search for homeless at risk of freezing to death. (art)

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