Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mapfre income to 7.5% in 2012

GWP increases 10.1% on Latin America growth

Revenue increased by 7.5% to € Mapfre 25.3bn in 2012, driven by her activities of Brazil and the us.

The Spaniards (re) insurer's gross premiums (GWP) climbed 10.1% to € 21.6bn last year.

Broken down, the domestic insurance Division GWP 4.5% to € 7.5bn in 2012 if demand dropped.

Non-life GWP also dropped by 5% to € 4.4bn.

The (re) insurer are 21% market share in the motor home market, despite a decrease of 6% in GWP maintained.

The international division of labour insurance increased GWP with 23.3% to € 10.8bn, 47% of the total premiums of the group.

In Latin America, the Group recorded a 25.8% increase on GWP € 8.6bn.

In the rest of the world rose 14.1% to € 2. GWP Mapfre 2bn.

Mapfre of global companies, including reinsurance Division, experienced a 12.2% increase in operating income of € GWP and 4-9

Mapfre by Chairman and chief executive Antonio Huertas said: "the Mapfre geographical diversification and business strategy drives continued growth and maintains a healthy balance. Moreover, the confidence by the market in the placement of the group effects, as well as our position liquidity and solvency with a ratio by 261%, help us to the future with confidence. "

Mapfre paid total dividends of 370 million euros to its shareholders in 2012.

The company's Board has proposed a final dividend of seven cents per share.

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