Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Related Draft Statement USDJPY Soared G20

USDJPY Melambung Terkait Draft Pernyataan G20


Along with the focus of market participants that are fixed on the G20 meeting, the draft of the final G20 statement official pointed out that Japan is not prohibited to use monetary and fiscal policy even if inadvertently weaken its currency.

This can happen due to too many other countries that are doing similar things and felt that the current exchange rate is not the main issue, but many of these countries also feel that is very important to avoid a devaluation of the currency, a competition that will trigger foreign exchange fluctuations are exaggerated.

The G20 statement which is quite unlike the G7 is not a problem to pass the forex exchange rate targeting. Although the final G20 statement it can still change until Saturday, but for short-term investors have responded positively on USDJPY.

In addition the US economic data released showed a rise in New York area manufacturing survey, while the index of us consumer sentiment also positive catalyzing positive USDJPY.

Observed so far rose 0.73% pair USDJPY at 93.54 level, after reaching its highest point at the lowest level and his daily 93.58 at 92.23.


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