Saturday, February 23, 2013

Aussie Open Under 1.0300

 Aussie Dibuka Dibawah 1.0300

Monexnews-Aussie opens the movement post-G20 Summit this weekend in Moscow by moving ahead of the holidays is weakened, in the u.s., last seen in, off the low of 1.0296 3 days recently at 1.0278. During the week, Minister of Finance of Australia, Wayne Swan speaks against the high Aussie on CNBC, reported by Eamonn Sheridan from ForexLive, which probably will add to the pressure on the Aussie.

"The Aussie is still a focus to go down," said an analyst from independent, and CMT, the Fan Who, "for the first time in weekly numbers low 1.0226, below is the range of support then at 1.0150-1.0170", the analyst said, adding: the existence of the channel and 1.0380 transpiration will be expected to neutralize an estimated bearish.

Resistance close to Aussie recorded in low numbers at 1.0317 February 13, followed by a low, February 14, in numbers and high 1.0326 February 13 in 1.0361. For the movement of the descent, the nearest being in poor support 3 days recently at 1.0278 figures, followed by the low figures on February 11 and February 12, 1.0262 low in numbers 1.0226.


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