Monday, February 18, 2013

Obama Promised To Encourage The Recovery Of The Manufacturing Sector

Obama Berjanji Akan Mendorong Pemulihan Sektor Manufaktur

Monexnews-U.s. President Barack Obama on Wednesday expressed its commitment to the barrier in order to encourage memupus all the manufacturing sector's recovery.

"I believe if the manufacturing sector will make the country stronger," said Obama, in a speech at the automotive manufacturer factory Canada, Linamar Corp., in Ashville, North Carolina. In the event that a series of Presidential visits to U.S. States, Obama also proposes several steps to prop up the manufacturing sector, including lower tax rates for manufacturers and increased tax credits for research and development.

While the White House Economic Adviser, Gene Sperling, told reporters that the study showed that the manufacturing sector has been gaining a strong punch, while the presence of the plant not only jobs but also open airy encourage more economic activity in the surrounding environment. Sperling also said if the momentum of revival began to appear, which is reflected by the growing number of companies that set up their factories in the United States. (vid)

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Title Post: Obama Promised To Encourage The Recovery Of The Manufacturing Sector
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