Sunday, February 24, 2013

The BoJ Simply Wanted To End Deflation

BoJ Hanya Ingin Akhiri Deflasi

Monexnews-Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, said the BoJ Monetary policy does not aim to weaken the yen although it is one of the factors that affect the movement of exchange rates. Abe will not reiterate policy that will impinge on the central bank for the sake of achieving a target inflation of 2% while foreign purchases of government bonds point out is simply a policy choice.

Abe affirmed the easing monetary policy again traveled of the BoJ aims to end deflation and not weaken the exchange rate of the yen. This is a response to criticism from some top Abe G-20 countries who accuse Japan intends to weaken the yen. "I would not have commented will be a reasonable exchange rates to exchange rates. But, I uphold that our policy was not aimed at weakening the yen. There are many factors that affect exchange rates and monetary policy is just one factor, "said Abe told Japan's Parliament.

Meanwhile, the yen weakened on the London session. USD/JPY is now traded 94.02; avoid low level daily 93.68 (fr)

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Title Post: The BoJ Simply Wanted To End Deflation
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