Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Japan GDP Misses From Estimation

GDP Jepang Meleset Dari Estimasi

Monexnews-Japan Gross domestic product was down 0.4% for the quarter in October-December from the previous quarter. The economy is contracting for the third quarter amid continued economic uncertainty overseas.

Data released by the Cabinet Office today (2/14) gave rise to a number of market estimation misses the expansion of 0.4 percent per quarter in the survey conducted by Dow Jones Newswires. Revised economic conditions in the quarter 3.8% in July-September.

The Data indicate that the estimation of misses its driving force, Japan's economy is the export sector and capital financing of companies still slumped in this quarter. This means that the country is heavily dependent on Government stimulus to encourage the economy to back the export sector is strong.

In the three-month period, exports dropped for the second trimester by 2.3% while private capital was down 2.6% per quarter.


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Title Post: Japan GDP Misses From Estimation
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