Sunday, February 24, 2013

Exports Slowed Down, The Euro Is Hampered

Ekspor Melambat, Euro Terhambat

Monexnews-the Euro slipped versus the U.s. Dollar as investors waited for developments in the issue of ' currency war ' from the G20 Summit, with Eurozone growth figures are weaker still continues to overshadow. The Euro was also weighed down by data showing the Euro bloc's exports recorded a decrease in their sharpest 5-month at the end of last year. The appreciation of the single currency has made European goods production became less competitive in the global market, which undermines the Euro zone recovery efforts from the worst recession since 2009.

Trade Data released by the EU's Statistics Office in Luxembourg on Friday showed exports slumped 1.8% in December after a 0.6% rise registered in November. Import reportedly also suffered a decrease of 3%, pushing the trade surplus rose to € 12 billion ($ 16 billion) from € 10.5 billion in the previous month. (vid)

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Title Post: Exports Slowed Down, The Euro Is Hampered
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