Monday, February 25, 2013

Oil Prices Depressed The Strengthening Dollar

Harga Minyak Tertekan Penguatan Dollar

Monexnews-crude oil futures weakened on Monday in thin trading on electronic commerce, with a stronger dollar and more add to the pressure on the dollar and commodities didenominasikan US markets closed for a holiday.

Oil prices depressed by the strengthening of the dollar, as the weakening yen, which provide sufficient impetus on the greenback. USD/JPY hits highest level in level at 94.20 this session, a level that hasn't been seen since May 2010 after the State of the G-20 countries to refrain from criticizing Japan for which its currency weakened sharply lately. Instead, the group said that they did not target the exchange rate for the purpose of being competitive.

Oil is currently moving at 96.00, the highest level for his or her being in the lowest level and 96.44 was at 95.97.


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Title Post: Oil Prices Depressed The Strengthening Dollar
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