Thursday, February 21, 2013

Germany's Stimulus Policy Criticism

Jerman Kritik Kebijakan Stimulus

Monexnews-Finance Minister of Germany, Wolfgang Schaeuble, warned of the potential of the global financial crisis if developed countries continued to provide monetary stimulus to the global economy. This is a critique of the Central monetary policy is the US and Europe in order to finance the Government's budget deficit. "We will not be able to avoid a crisis like the 2008 again if the amount of money circulating in the economy increased too much," said Schaeuble.

Schaeuble also intends to tell us at the G-20 meetings over the weekend that the u.s. should emulate later traces of Europe. "I will tell them that they should follow the policies pursued by the euro-zone. Sustained economic growth can only be achieved if fiscal policy is also credible, "Schaeuble said in front of his party the CDU.  (fr)

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Title Post: Germany's Stimulus Policy Criticism
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